How we compute your performance

Your performance is measured through a percentage and having a performance equal to 100% is the maximum objective that can be obtained playing with BoletusGame. We measure your performance in a relative manner, depending on the scores obtained by all players. It works like this:
How we make the computation
When you finish a BoletusGame, the game assigns you a score that depends on how well you performed in terms of speed and accuracy – a missed click corresponds to a penalty and a boletus not spotted corresponds to another penalty. Then, we use this your score to compute the percentage of players for which you scored better for that BoletusGame. Our final measure of your performance is an average of all these percentages obtained over all the BoletusGames that you have played.
Example. If 1000 persons played BoletusGame #1 and your score is the 200th, your performance is 80% (for the BoletusGame 1). Your final performance is an average of such percentages.

To know your performance, play with BoletusGame: