The beauty of the "Boletus Chameleontis"

A peculiar aspect of the boletus is that it can hide incredibly well in the forest among leaves, stones and roots, as if they were chameleons. Matter of fact, many specimens remain unobserved by the majority of mushrooms hunters even when they walk very close to them. Mother nature always challenges and amazes everybody with her ability to hide them so well and to let them grow, sometimes, in the most unusual places and in the most unthinkable manners.

Being able to hide so well in the forest, the hide-and-seek game gets exciting because things like imagination and intuition become necessary for any mushroom hunter to spot them out. These observations make the boletus hunting more special, as it is in general its taste and flavor, desired in many restaurants from all over the world.

Find below a series of pictures of what we refer to as "Boletus Chameleontis". These shots, taken in northern Italy, may challenge you: if you were there walking in the forest, would you have spotted them out? Find out your answer by playing with BoletusGame!

Questo porcino è molto affezionato al suo faggio